Tips for Growing Vegetables in a Small Space or City Garden

Would you just love to grow vegetables, but you don’t have space? While a big sprawling garden may be the ideal, quality vegetables can be grown even in the absence of a yard. Many people who live in apartments in crowded cities still manage to grow great veggies to enjoy.

When you don’t have a yard to plant in, you can turn to container gardening to grow your fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s easy to find pots and other containers, both large and small that work great for apartment gardens. Plastic gardening containers can be purchased fairly cheaply and work well in most cases. If you’re looking for something more stylish, you can buy or make wooden containers. These keep the soil temperature from fluctuating as much, but require more watering because they’re very porous. If container gardening seems just a little too boring for you, there are plenty of products on the market to make gardens more catchy and cool. One example is the garden sock. This looks like a giant hosiery sock that your can use to plants various vegetables or flowers.

If you’re totally lacking a yard or balcony, you can use more decorative pots or containers. If you place your vegetables correctly in your apartment, they can act as decorative pieces as well as great food. The key for decorating with vegetables is to get creative. Wrapping a vine from a vegetable plant around a post or railing can make a nice accent. Just be sure indoor plants are getting plenty of direct sunlight.

You’re probably still thinking “what kind of vegetables could I possibly grow in such a small space?” While there are certain fruits and veggies that grow in small spaces, like strawberries, the real key is picking the right variety of vegetables to grow. Many vegetables have smaller versions that don’t need as much space as their full size counterparts. When picking plants to grow, look at how much room they need to have and how far apart they need to be.

Hopefully one or more of these tips has gotten your imagination growing. Just remember, instead of concentrating on how your small space limits you, think of the fun and creative things you can do with vegetables in the area you do have.

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