How to get rid of ants in a private house and on the street

Inside the buildings, there are many shelters suitable for creating an anthill: inside the walls, in a closet, household appliances, between window frames, under the floor. Getting to all of these places is hard. Because of this, you have to use bait indoors, where their advantage is ease of use. The best ant bait traps here.

“Another effective way to get rid of ants at home and on the street is with granular baits. Feed small amounts near the anthills, along the ant trail, and other places where insects gather, ” recommends the University of Kentucky.

If the bait is not popular, it must be replaced by another.

Spray in the home is used, as a rule, by professionals. They use a wide selection of insecticides, including Termidor®, Phantom®, Demand®, Talstar ™, and Suspend®.

But if ant paths from the street are found in the house, then it will be easier to thoroughly wash the premises with soap and water. Traces of insects are removed, after which the ants can not find the way to the house. After this, the gaps through which insects entered the room should be repaired.

Ant Remedies Review: Top 17

We will describe in detail 17 different tools. For convenience, we divided them into five groups:

  • bait and gel
  • non-toxic natural insecticides,
  • liquid pyrethroids,
  • professional insecticides available online
  • 100% essential oils.

Lures and gel

Ant bait is very popular. Their relevance is due to the high efficiency of their application. Bait perfectly destroy the ants on the street. In a house or apartment, they must be used very carefully since there is a risk to lure uninvited guests. University of California experts does not recommend using indoor baits. But experts at the University of Kentucky have developed a safe method for their application, it is described in detail above. We selected five different stations with baits and described them in detail with our review. It should be noted that judging by customer reviews on Amazon, the following conclusion should be made: there is no universal bait for all types of ants. Therefore, this tool may not work for the first time.

As noted above, fast poison baits are ineffective in the fight against an entire anthill. For the same reason, traps are not used. With a functioning anthill with the uterus located in it, the numbest of insects quickly reproduces.

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