Getting Rid of Fleas In The Home

At any time of the year, getting rid of fleas can be a maddening affair. Historically, flea infestations were more common in the summer but with the advent of central heating, they can be a permanent threat. Before you know it, the little devils are setting up shop in your family room carpet and on your favorite pet. How to get rid of fleas is a topic hotly debated between friends and veterinarians alike, so take a few minutes and learn some tricks to keep everyone flea free and happy.

When it comes to getting rid of fleas in the house, why not try out flea bombs, flea sprays or even borax box soap. Flea bombs or flea foggers work on eliminating fleas from the environment, typically the home, rather than on the pet. They release a strong insecticide in to the air which settles on all surfaces. Strict precautions as prescribed by the manufacturer must be followed often including removing all pets, pet related items, food stuffs, and a through cleaning program after use.

On the other hand, and in conjunction with eradicating fleas from your home, flea sprays, flea shampoos or other topical treatments should be used on the animal so fleas are not reintroduced into the home from the pet or vice versa.

Another option mentioned above to get rid of fleas is borax soap which is comprised of boric acid; the product kills fleas and their eggs alike in a matter of hours, needing only to be sprinkled on your carpeted areas and vacuumed up the next morning. This stuff penetrates deep into the carpet, into the fibers where fleas spend 80 percent of their lives, and massacres them at the source. Make sure that all of the pet’s bedding is clean, or you will be reinfesting your home with contaminated bedding, and you can go mad trying to track all of the flea nests down if you do not get them all at once. Your grass is going to be a haven for fleas as well, and all yards smaller than an acre should be routinely sprayed for fleas and mowed. This not only cuts down on the fleas at peak season, but will remove unwanted pests of other species as well. Yards larger than an acre are problematic; consider cutting the area your pet has access to down to a smaller size, a size that is more manageable for pest control.

Tackling how to get rid of fleas on cats can be tough, as many of the great products that work so well on dogs are either too harsh for felines or for whatever reason just don’t work. One solution is to keep your cat indoors at all times, this will mean you are waging war on a smaller area and is a much safer practice for your kitty. Remember, fleas can find their home almost anywhere, including your kitty litter, so make sure everything is changed on a very regular basis to avoid having problems.

Man’s best friend is extremely susceptible to fleas and ticks, and how to get rid of dog fleas is on the top of every owner’s list each summer. No one likes to see their poor pooch itching and clawing at his skin all day, tack on top that most dogs are very allergic to fleas and are prone to rashes in many circumstances and you are in for a long haul in the war of the fleas. Regular bathing of the dog and his bedding is a must, arguably at least bi-monthly, and application of regular topical flea killing ointment is going to keep your canine companion happy in most cases. If your dog is a longhaired breed, remember that tangles are a haven for fleas, and all mats must be removed from the coat before a bath can be given.

Clearly, getting rid of fleas can be a real chore, especially through the summer months, but if you keep at it and make sure that they have nowhere to hide, you will insure that they gain no foothold in your home. The key is making sure that your pet and your home remain clean, because clean animals invite far less unwanted guests into where you and your family live.

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