Autumn comes, the colors of nature become a wonderful pastel painting: pink, red, brown, orange, gray and green. The autumn landscape is wonderful. Everything changes: the sun sets earlier, the coolness arrives and the leaves fall from the trees. Those who have many trees in the garden can choose to leave the leaves that will fertilize the soil there, but there are conditions that do not allow this operation. An example are the streets and streets that must be cleaned up on time otherwise the leaves could clog manholes and drain grates for example. Many people having their front garden prefer to keep it clean and tidy. The best way to remove the leaves from the lawn is to pay another person to do it for you.

The landscape rake is and was a tool that together with the gallows, generally used to collect hay and straw dried in the sun, but also leaves, to crumble the earth before sowing, to collect chestnuts and pick up the biggest stones. The long wooden handle is generally attached perpendicularly to the comb: an axis that goes from 30 to 70 cm wide. This has a variable number of tines: the teeth that are used to hold the material to be raked. The comb can be made of metal, wood and nowadays also plastic. Indispensable in rural work, it has been even more so in the past, given the absence of mechanized means, it is also widespread almost all over the world. Its diffusion certainly began with the dawn of rural life. Not all rakes are the same. The wooden rake has rather delicate tips and is recommended for those who do not have to use it every day, but only for sporadic and essential gardening operations. The plastic rake, on the other hand, although it is quite rigid, is not suitable for soils that are too hard so it is best to use it only to remove leaves and debris from the flowerbeds. The iron rake is a good solution for strength. It can be used on all types of soil and is multifunctional.

Blowers and vacuum cleaners are used to remove leaves from the garden and have the advantage of being quick. In the market there are models with thermal or electric motor. In just one minute, the best machines can clean 14 square meters of surface area. Electric blowers and vacuum cleaners can also be wireless, i.e. battery operated. The battery operated blowers are suitable for small gardens, they are more suitable for hobby use, while the electric vacuum blowers with the wire are an excellent way to go and can be bought at very affordable prices. The blowers and vacuum cleaners with internal combustion engine are very noisy and more suitable for professional use and high surfaces, they are machines developed specifically for the removal of leaves from the lawn and garden in a short time and accumulate the leaves in a specific place or vacuum and shred them.

The basic tools for our garden

Obviously, depending on the type and size of the garden in question, not all gardening tools will be of equal importance. What is important, however, is their quality: the higher they are, the easier they will be to maintain and therefore can have a very long life, with obvious economic advantages. As with garden tools, you need to keep an eye on their robustness and functionality. Since they are tools that will have to be used for many days throughout the year, it is important that they can be handled with relative ease. The functions of the rake in the garden are numerous, in addition to the leveling of the soil on which you will go to sow, the rake is used to clean the garden from leaves and dry grass but also to spread fertilizer. Especially when dealing with grass gardens, leaf brooms are very useful. In contrast to the rake, the broom handle is connected to a bundle of thicker, narrower and more flexible curved teeth that allow a more thorough cleaning of the treated surface. With their elastic reinforced plastic tines and wide heads, they ensure perfect cleaning, recommended even on the most delicate grass lawns.

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