Fleas on Humans – is it Possible?

Yes! Although fleas prefer the furry coat of your pets, flea bites on humans are not uncommon, In fact, flea bites are the most common form of insect bites.Even homes without pets can attract fleas and when they come to your home and don’t find animals, they will tend to feed on the next best option: you!

Usually by the time you get flea bites, you already have a flea infestation in your home and should do something about it.

The 3 common types of fleas that infest humans are: Cat flea, Dog flea, and Human flea.

What Flea Bites Look Like

Flea bites are red (including the surrounding area of the bite) with a raised bump in the centre,

Generally the area around the flea bite will get red and irritated while there will be a small raised bump with a single pinprick in the center. Unfortunately it is difficult not to scratch the bitten area which is why antihistamines should be taken and anti-itch lotions applied. Secondary skin infections can easily arise if the person bitten continues to scratch and break open the bite. Provided the person does not scratch then the bite should go away within a day.

A flea bite is extremely itchy and you cannot help but scratch the flea bites. Fleas usually bite the ankles, lower legs or hands.Flea bites often lead to secondary infection if the person can’t stop scratching and are known to start plagues. That is why you should apply calamine lotion or aloe vera to reduce itching and reduce the risk of the bite leading to secondary infection.

Possible Effects Of Flea Bites

Flea bites can lead to flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) which causes the sufferer to be very irritated.A serious flea bite sufferer can also become anemic due too much blood being sucked from the body.Some symptoms of anemia from flea bites are fatigue and drowsiness.You should seek medical treatment if you think you suffer from those effects of flea bites.


Try using some benadryl or low percentage hydrocortisone cream if you are seeking immediate relief from your flea bites.There are some other common treatments that you can try such as:

  • use antiseptic soap to wash your bites.this will prevent further infection;
  • place ice pack often on the bites to relieve any swelling;
  • apply calamine lotion to reduce itching;
  • try dr bronners liquid castille soap (with eucalyptus);
  • eat lots of garlic as a natural flea repellent
  • immerse yourself in chlorine treated pool to remove the fleas and relieve yourself from more bites;
  • spray lemon juice on your body and hair (be careful to avoid the face).

It is in your best interest to get rid of fleas as soon as you are aware of the problem as a serious flea infestation can lead to a host of other health problem. Better nip it in the bud!

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