Flea Control – Flea and Tick Control

Flea Control – Fleas and ticks can be very annoying in case of dog’s or cat’s fur. These may not seem harmful to you but the fact is that these flea and tick parasites can lead to various diseases in your pets, even resulting in very severe consequences. Thus, it becomes important for you to practice flea control measures. Flea control products are very effective in controlling this menace.

Before fleas and ticks cause any problem in your pet, you need an effective flea control system. You need to clean up the surroundings, as it is a major step in flea control. Sweeping, mopping and frequent dusting is must for this. Vacuuming cleaning and combing are two others method that are used to decrease the number of fleas in your home.

Effective Frontline Flea Control Products

Flea control products are undoubtedly among the most effective flea control measures. Today, you will find a large number of vets referring you to use Capstar flea control and frontline flea control on your pets. These flea control products come with accurate and clean instructions on how to use this flea treatment.

Here are some of the distinctive features of capstar flea control and frontline flea control that helps in effective flea control for cats and flea control for Dogs. First of all these flea control products are user-friendly, each of these products comes with easy-to-understand instructions.

Step by Step of Frontline Plus and Capstar Flea Control

Capstar flea control and Frontline flea control products help to solve the flea and tick problem without giving you the hard time dealing with the complications that such flea and tick treatments products can bring.

Capstar flea control and frontline flea control use a pipette. These products for flea control for cats and flea control for dogs are applied once in a month that too, on specific spots on the cats or dogs body.

How to Apply Flea control For Cats

In case of flea control for cats, these are applied at the back of the neck for cats, whereas for dogs these are applied between the dog’s shoulder blades. Capstar flea control and frontline flea control are also gentle for kittens and puppies, and also for nursing tabbies and bitches. These great flea control products are stain as well as odor free.

Capstar flea control and Frontline Plus flea control are also waterproof. These products are proven water resistant even after bathing with shampoo, even exposure to sunlight and swimming etc.

You should not doubt the effectiveness of these flea and tick control. By using this flea killer, you can save your pet from various diseases and discomforts as these helps in combating fleas and ticks.

What is in Capstar flea Control

Capstar flea control and frontline flea control, both of them contains Fipronil, which is an insecticide that spreads right after application and kills adult fleas and ticks by causing hyperexcitation of its muscles and nerves causing its paralysis and death.

Capstar flea control and frontline flea control also are great insect growth regulators, thus before the eggs hatch and develop into fleas that bite, these products already works and that’s way is such an effective flea treatment for dogs and cats.

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