Different Varieties of Garden Roses

Roses are probably the post popular and desired garden plants around. They are pleasantly fragrant and often considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers available. However, if you’ve decided to plant roses in your garden, you’ve probably already discovered that there are many more varieties than most people imagine. While it’s hard to detail all the different types of roses available, here’s some information on so of the most popular varieties.

Hybrid Teas

Picture a rose in your head. It’s pretty likely that the rose you’re picturing is a hybrid tea. If you buy roses in a bouquet from a florist, you’ll be getting hybrid teas. These plants grow straight stems, about 3-6 feet high, with a single flower at the end. They come in almost every color; so they can be fit into almost any garden color scheme

Climbing Roses

This is actually a group of several different types of roses. These plants naturally sprawl out along the ground; they must be trained to climb up trellises and other supports. Climbing roses can have single flowers, or clumps of blooms. The blooms of these plants will also vary in color and size.

Pimpinellifola Roses

These roses grow on small shrubs. They are considered a great rose for beginners because they are very hardy and attractive. However, they don’t come in as many colors as hybrid tea roses. Available colors include red, pink, yellow and white.

Miniature Roses

These roses are exactly what they sound like: smaller versions of larger types of rose bushes. Not only are the bushes smaller, about 1-3 feet, they also have smaller leaves and blooms. The blooms are less than 2 inches in diameter. Because of their size, these flowers can also be grown in pots or fit into small spaces.

When choosing a variety of rose or any other type of flower, try not to rely on pictures; they can be deceiving. Talk to friends, relatives, and neighbors to see if any of them have the varieties you’re looking for. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when your flowers start to bloom; giving you the most beautiful garden possible.

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