Cat and Dog Flea Shampoo Options

Caring for pets is not always an easy task for owners. In fact, for the most part it can be daunting especially when dealing with infestations of fleas or ticks. In addressing flea problems, choosing the best flea shampoo for your pets is imperative and knowing what makes a great flea shampoo is an important first step. This specialist type of shampoo is intended to be used for house pets that are afflicted with flea infestation. While the shampoo is not necessarily the cure, it is used to control the fleas in order to prevent them from breeding and multiplying and can be used to complement treating your house for fleas, with flea bombs for example.

Directions for the use of flea shampoos typically involve bathing your cat or dog using clean water. The wet your pet’s fur completely and proceed to apply a healthy amount of shampoo on your palm then rub it all over your dog or cat’s body. Cats are usually very hard to bathe because they have a natural subversion toward getting wet. Despite this, do your best to make sure you fully lather up the fur and then gently comb through it in order to get at least some of the fleas off. There are some shampoos that work especially well in separating the fleas from the fur which is always advantageous in controlling this particular pest problem.

Not all pet owners are convinced that using shampoo on their cats and dogs is the best thing to do. While there are certainly many benefits to using flea removing shampoos, some also worry about the possible negative ramifications especially on your pet’s health and well-being. Nonetheless, most pet shampoos for flea and tick control are very effective in keeping these pests at bay, if used in conjunction with other treatments such as use of a flea bomb to fight the infestation in the home, on the furniture and carpet for example. As has been mentioned, the first step toward complete flea treatment is making certain that the fleas are comprehensively controlled and limited. Certainly, using shampoo is one key element in ensuring the fleas no longer remain on the animal and make it infinitely easier to get rid of fleas once and for all.

Shampoos are also very accessible as they are sold in almost all pet stores as well as veterinary clinics. Some pet owners like to get a prescriptive shampoo straight from their vets while others prefer the ones available in pet supply shops. Using shampoo to bathe pets have been proven to help stave off potential infestation.

Among the major concerns for pet experts as well as owners are the potential side effects of using flea shampoo on house pets. While it can be an effective method to get rid of fleas, some shampoos contain chemicals that can adversely affect your pet’s eyes, fur, and digestive tract, should your cat or dog swallow and ingest a little of the shampoo which, if you use the chemical rich kind, could lead to certain reactions. To minimize the risk, always read the manufacturer’s guidance on how to safely apply the product you choose.

Other types of shampoos, while not entirely toxic to pets, can be a little harsh on their fur. Some brands of shampoo have certain ingredients that can strip off natural oils of your pet’s fur, which can result in shedding or itching. It should also be noted that dog flea shampoo and cat flea shampoo are not interchangeable. If you have a cat and a dog in your house and both have fleas, it is never acceptable to use dog products on cats and vice versa. Keep in mind that dog fur and cat fur are very different from each other and therefore each one needs the product specifically designed to suit its unique need.

There are a number of flea and tick shampoo products sold on the market today but if you are looking for the best flea shampoo for your pet, you can always go the natural route. There are highly effective natural based shampoos for dogs and cats, which are sold at decent prices. These products are not only affordable but some do purport to be more pet and environment friendly as well.

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